Why MONEY leads to our FREEDOM?

Some people say that money is the “root of all evil”.  Others say that money is NOT the root of all evil BUT it is “jealousy“. Each individual may have a different perspective on money, however, we need to have enough and even more money while still living in this world in order to survive. To have enough money is to have “freedom“.

Freedom to live comfortably each day, to have our basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter.  To be able to satisfy our basic needs is a great achievement for us nowadays because of the poverty that we experience within our community, our country and within the whole world.  There are so many less unfortunate people out there who don’t even have a shelter to protect them, no food to eat within the day, and no decent clothing to put on.

Freedom to financially help our loved ones and other people.  When we have money, we can freely do many things that we desire.  Some of the things we can do are giving gifts, donating cash or in kind, or simply extending a hand to our family and/or other people.  We feel great when we are sincerely generous to someone and not expecting anything in return.  And it is more rewarding when people truly appreciate our acts and deeds.  We become more blessed when we truly give. Blessed in the sense that whatever we give, it will be returned to us in a thousand fold. We receive what we give.

Freedom to accumulate more money. To be freed financially is a liberating feeling one person can experience.  And it is much gratifying when we know that we can accumulate more money. One of the steps to accumulate more money is to be financially literate.  Financially literacy means changing our mindset about the value and use of money.  Once we have the right and correct mindset of money, we can have total freedom.

With our present time, it is a must for everyone to have a correct mindset and perspective about the value and use of money.  When spending, to be able to distinguish between needs and luxury.  To amass great wealth is by saving and investing.

When we are freed financially, we have a better understanding of the present and future time.  To live in the present time is to enjoy all the benefits that money can offer like education, travel, vacation and more.  And it is our gift and legacy to our children for their future.

Freedom to use money also comes with great responsibility as we may be directly on a different  path that may lead us back to where we started or even worse.  From time to time, it is right to have self-evaluation and self-realization on what really matters to you as a person when it comes to money.